Luxury Home Imaging Provides Quality Images Along With Innovative 3D & Virtual Tour Spaces

Marcia Duff is the owner and head photographer for Luxury Home Imaging


What is going to help you most when you select a photographer? First, you have to have QUALITY IMAGES. Quality photographs are MANDATORY.

What else is important about the photographer you choose? You are choosing someone who represents you as a part of your team. You want someone who is reliable, punctual, a good communicator with both you and your clients, and someone who loves what they do. It reflects in their photos. You want someone whose expertise, efficiency, service, and speed to make your life more convenient.


As a photographer Marcia gets to use her top innate aptitudes; her high sense of design and managerial skills. Photography allows her to be in the present moment. The focused seeing through the lens is a way of telling stories with images, and this is a passion for her.

She also likes giving her clients the LATEST photographic technology to show your clients how tech savvy you are. The Matterport 3D and her new Immersive Virtual Tours have become the industry standard for marketing to local, national, and international markets.

In her photography background, she has been mentored by 3 National Geographic Photographers, one of whom is her brother. She also has been mentored by 2 top architectural photographers, both have won “The Real Estate Photographer of the Year Award” for the Photography for Real Estate forum.

Selecting a photographer is an important part of differentiating your brand in a competitive marketplace. If you would like to work with someone who is committed to your success and move you to a higher level in your marketplace, give her a call at: 949-229-9629.

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