Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

Elevate your marketing to save the day!

Visualization is one of the key elements that will help sell a property or attract clients to your project. Whether the property has no furnishings or has too much you can use virtual staging to get the advantage in converting more potential clients. Most think of virtual staging as making an empty property look more inviting but lately more top marketers are using it to declutter properties that have objectionable furnishings and show it in its best light.

Add & Subtract cheaper

The paradigm shift for each type of client

Which photo is the before and which is the after?

With our technology we can declutter just as easily as stage an empty room with virtual features. Include these shots in your presentation so you prep the clients that may focus on what is there or that it is empty over the actual space they will be left with when they buy it. We all have had the potential buyer that sees the blue carpet and can't get it out of their head. With virtual staging we can put in color friendly carpet or even hardwood.

For those that have properties that have too much clutter? This is perfect in that you can have the rooms professionally staged but virtually. Cheaper than real staging and less to worry about. Additionally if someone comments about the stage style of the property, we can easily whip up virtual staging photos in the design they would be more apt to furnish their new home.

Look at the photos below and try to guess which is the original photo the rest where virtually staged from?

Before After

A few pillows won’t compare

Having fully furnished “virtual” photos gives the first impression without the huge expense of hiring a stager. Not everyone will like what was done, so to show them the virtual then the empty canvas of the home. You can then follow up with virtual photos tailored their design liking. If they work with you on this, they are communicating they are serious about buying and you offering this collaboration is making you their go to agent.

Virtual Staging

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