I have worked with Marcia on a variety of projects, large and small.

December 10, 2021

I have worked with Marcia on a variety of projects, large and small. Marcia has an eye for staging the shots as needed given that many homes are not 100% “shoot ready”. She has the ability to scan the subject matter, assess the angles, rearrange furnishings as needed, and capture the image, all in a matter of minutes. Marcia is able to complete a shoot in an extraordinarily short period of time which is extremely helpful in situations where owners and their guests may be in residence. Well executed shoots do not equate to less quality in Marcia’s case as she carefully considers all of the elements in each shot before tapping the shutter. As much as she is a take charge photographer, she is always open to the Seller’ suggestions as well as mine in terms of being willing to work to capture more challenging angles or compositions. Marcia is not afraid to cross the river and hike a nearby hill to see if there is a shot we might have missed. Her turn around time is exceptional. Even with return visits to the property to take in specific lighting, she has the photos back to me in most cases, overnight. When time is of the essence in getting a property on the market, Marcia’s speedy service is invaluable. Having been in a Seller’s shoes, Marcia has a keen understanding of what is important in marketing a property. Unlike many of the photographers I work with, I would feel totally comfortable sending Marcia to a property without me, knowing that she would emerge with exactly what I had in mind.

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